This is how it starts -- a germ of an idea. That spark which sets even the staunchest brief on a collision course with what can only be termed as destiny. A destiny that is forever defined, not necessarily by the end of the creative journey, but by the mind that ignites the first grain of an idea, from a humble pebble to an awesome mountain. The presence of that mind can be felt everywhere. It is a sentient entity, omniscient in its reach - alive and brimming with creation ideas. Always expanding, always thinking. Some call it 'creatives' Some call it 'strategy' Yet, some may even say it's 'great business intelligence' We like to call it RG Blue


Remember the big bang? Sure you do! You’re still a part of it. But that’s not how RG Blue started! Of course, from the beginning, a burning desire within us all to do something amazing naturally existed. Then a team of creatives, technologists and business executives got together to provide the proverbial fuel to the fire. Our experience and reputation as an eminent creative and business solution provider enables us to bring your brand’s vision to life on time, every time.


Power to the people! The age of empowerment - It used to be ok to be passive. It was even alright to just nod your head in agreement every time someone would suggest an idea, no matter how boring and nonfunctional it was. It was definitely ok to be sensitive - to everything the media sold. Not anymore - Consumers are smarter today - they are what drives the experience, not the sales team. Their perceptions have changed - it's not enough to be visually appealing any longer. They demand intelligent thinking. Creative business solutions. More than ever, consumers want experiences. They need a good story, and they're not afraid to tell that story themselves. Smart, intelligent, active, engaging, present, loyal, brave, sympathy, driven - - Today, that is what the consumers are all about. At RG Blue, that is what we are all about!


Our Strategy

We engage people in the shortest time possible communicating them the big idea behind a brand and creating an awesome experience by making consumers believe.

Our Strategy

Telling visual stories takes more than just pushing buttons. With attention grabbing and high quality visuals we raise the bar to prove our ability of delivering production in a fraction of the time and cost.

Our Strategy

A brand reflects its reputation and ethics. RG-Blue guarantees a successful, desired image of your organization with our expertise and knowledge in brand building which signifies our transparency in communication.

Our Strategy

At RG-Blue we provide your product with the leverage that any brand requires to get to the consumer’s mind and dictate a brand’s market direction.

Our Strategy

Digital devices see no end to their consumption behaviors. In alliance with digital tribe we let client exploit possibilities at digital platform and go beyond what is thought as possible with multitude of opportunities.

Our Strategy

RG-Blue guarantees a never-before seen event with an extensive know-how and market insight to deliver an once-in-a-lifetime experience for your brand.

Our Strategy

We combine creative thinking and expose the target audience to the message at critical point to ensure an effective reach and make most out of the dynamic media landscape.

Our Team

Our Strategy
Khalid Saleem
(Chief Executive Officer)

With 15 plus years of demonstrated entrepreneurial ability, this IBA alumnus has repeatedly proven that people centric business planning not only works well for the bottom-line it also delivers social benefits. At RG Blue he commands respect for having lead a small design house taken over from Rizwan, into the PKR 400 million full service, award winning agency it is today. Some prior vocations have included founding RG Blue Services – Mahi Sea Food franchise in Pakistan, Marketing Direction for The Oasis Golf & Aqua Resort, Marketing Leadership at BankIslami and Product Management at Pakistan State Oil. A chronic networker, he loves to travel and discover new experiences and shares them with the wide circle of relationships going back all the way to his childhood.

Rizwan Ahmed Malik
(Founder and Creative Consultant)

Very early on in his advertising career, Rizwan started RG Blue as an independent creative outlet. Over the next decade and a half, he practiced and perfected advertising development and film making skills. Today, over four hundred television commercials and many many more digital films bear testament to his multimodal storytelling prowess. His repertoire includes almost all national and multinational brands of the country with a special emphasis on telecommunications and social service organizations. When he’s not storytelling you can find Rizwan mentoring young and upcoming talent from various art schools.

Amna Alam
(Chief Operating Officer & Head of Client Service)

If you find yourself next to 20 years of solid, no-nonsense, results driven business acumen sporting an understanding smile, you’re probably in the company of Amna Alam. Her never-back-down, never-give-up attitude has been honed in various top-level roles over years with advertising giants; Orientm Communications, Evernew Concepts and IAL Saatchi & Saatchi, her own marketing consultancy –The Cherry Bowl and, on the corporate communication side at Faysal Bank Limited. A passionate proponent of the work-life-balance, you can always find her spreading smiles at the heart of whichever familial tribe she choses to lead at that point in time.

Oswald Lucas
(Chief Creative Officer)

Having mentored a generation of celebrated creative & art directors over three decades, Oswald Lucas Ozzy is known his strategic, low-key high-impact retinue. And he has recently taken up the responsibility of helping find a unique creative voice for RG Blue Communications. A people-person through and through, this wizard has lead, channeled and empowered creative teams to their full potential at a number of leading advertising agencies in Pakistan. Some of his prior assignments include CCO positions at Orientm McCann and Adétude, Creative Director at Interflow Communications and Founder/CCO at Wizard of Oz an independent brand consultancy. Based in Karachi, he lives with his beautiful wife, three adorable children and his eager to please Labrador Retriever.

Umar Javed
(Chief Media Planner RG Blue Communications)

Affectionately known as ‘Ujay’ this young firefighter has almost a decade of marketing, digital marketing, brand management and new media operations under his belt. From assignments as varied as project management to conventional and digital media planning his association with Tapal, Unilever, Digitz and RG Blue Communications uniquely qualifies him for strategic consultancy as well as very specific execution planning. With a keen eye for detail, Umar brings hyper-local insights to any brand battle and more often than not, leaves the opponents in shock-and-awe. For the rare occasion he puts his iPhone away, you’ll find him tending to his love of rare perfumes and timeless watches.

Shahab Ahmed Khan
(Chief Transformation Officer RG Blue Communications)

A dreamer from Peshawar who got into advertising two decades ago as a trainee in a company that he left as its Executive Creative Director. From Pepsi, Mountain Dew, UBL, Emirates, Unilever, Kraft, BAT, and many more in Karachi to Ufone, PTCL, USAID, and others in Islamabad, he’s had the opportunity to learn a thing or two from quite a few sources. As a personal mission he shifted his focus to causes like education and youth. The best practices learnt while working with brands enabled him to transform the communication and image of the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He has mentored and provided sponsorships for many youngsters who are now working with big brands themselves.


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